Grendel/Boar-spirit, created October 2018 for Gods and Monsters gallery show. 11x17, marker, ink, and gold paint.
 Grendel/Boar-spirit detail.
 Grendel/Boar-spirit linework.
 Blood and bone: illustration for Inktober 2018. 5x7, marker and ink on heavyweight paper.
  Sharp Nest   Ink and watercolor  We are always living on a continuum between extremes. We conceive of them as two ends of a straight line, when really they resemble a circle, or the sides of a coin. Fierceness and gentleness live in the same house.
Hydnora africana/Hemipepsis ustulata
hydnora africana ink .jpg
 Dracula anthracina/Trimereserus vogeli  Pen and marker  11 x 17  We think of the natural world as the epitome of efficiency and practicality: survival of the fittest, etc. While nature does display inspiring intelligence and complexity, there are some parts that are just...extra.  Both these creatures are over the top, and they’re ok with that. Vogel’s pit viper has a bewildering array of colors and patterns, every little scale a perfect entity. Monkey-face orchids look like….monkeys, just because. They get their scientific name, Dracula anthracina, from the two long tendrils hanging down, like fangs.  “Nature is, above all, profligate. Don't believe them when they tell you how economical and thrifty nature is, whose leaves return to the soil. Wouldn't it be cheaper to leave them on the tree in the first place? This deciduous business alone is a radical scheme….extravagance! Nature will try anything once.”  -Annie Dillard
dracula anthracina ink.jpg
 Stemonitis fungi/Octopus vulgaris  Pen and marker  11 x 17  Both these creatures display impressive flexibility. Single-celled slime mold has been observed to behave like a hivemind, despite not actually having a brain. Its colonies can problem-solve, creating tiny highway networks between nutrient sources, matching or surpassing human engineers in efficiency and simplicity.  Octopi are schemers and escape artists, climbing out of their tanks to eat fish in other tanks, squeezing through impossibly small holes, and occasionally escaping down drains to the sea.  Be like the slime and the octopi, finding the possible in the impossible, finding a way out when you’re stuck in a glass cage.
octopus vulgaris ink.jpg
 Promotional art for "Off With Their Heads", gallery show, 2017, with collective "A Conspiracy of Strange Girls."  Design and linework by Lucie Biros, color by Reime Jahr. 
 Promotional illustration for Covenant art show with collective "A Conspiracy of Strange Girls."
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